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How does it work?
  1. Purchase the Party Theme item (Digital File) of your interest.  

  2. Download the file to your PC or mobile device (Note: The download option will immediately appear right after you submit your payment)

  3. Print the File on white cardstock paper (letter size)

  4. Cut and Assemble the bags (We recommend using a permanent glue stick or a double-sided adhesive roller to paste the cutouts onto the bags)

  5. Party Time! Enjoy them at your party!

For how long is the "Download Link" available?
  • The Download Link will be available for 30 days; after this, it will expire. So please make sure to download and 'Save' your purchased file within this time period.

What "Bag size" do I need to buy?
  • Approximately: 5.25''W x 8.25''H x 3.25''D

  • Depending on the manufacturer or where you buy the bags, the dimension could vary slightly by 0.25 inches more or less. 

  • Some well-known terms for these bags which will help you find them at your local store are: "Small Kraft/ Favor/ Treat/ Gift paper bags with handle"


Where can I purchase these bags?
  • You can purchase your paper bags at: Party City, Dollar Tree, Michael's, Joann's, Walmart, Target, Hobby Lobby, or any other local crafting store you may have in town.

Where can I print my PDF file?
  • These files are intended to be printed from the comfort of your home, or you could also take your file to a local Print Shop. But please keep in mind that not all Print Shops are aware that licensed characters can be printed once and for personal use, so they may or may not be willing to print your file(s); this will depend on each shop location. However, you could print-it-yourself by using one of their "Self-Printing Stations" if your local Print Shop offers this type of service; such as Kinkos/ Fedex, or else, we recommend that you print it from home making sure your printer supports "color printing/ color ink".

What kind of paper should I use to print on?
  • We recommend to print on white cardstock paper (matte finish) that weighs a minimum of 65 lbs for best printing results. Also, before you print, make sure to adjust the 'Paper Type' settings on your printer to be: 'matte cardstock paper' to prevent the printer from jamming. 

      You could purchase this cardstock paper at either: Walmart, Target, or at any local Office Supply store you may have in town.

      If you live in the U.S....We did the homework for you--> We found Target stores carries a small pack w/ 75 sheets for just $4.99:

What kind of Glue should I use?

  • We recommend using a permanent glue stick properly for craft projects or a double-sided adhesive roller to paste the cutouts onto the bags. Please do not use a glue-gun as it will damage the paper and the bags.







What if I need the templates resized?

  • We can resize the templates for an add-on fee of $2.50 (up to 4 bag designs), and $3.50 for over 4 bag designs. Please contact us for more details.

What if I need the templates in a different File Format?

  • All of our digital files are in PDF Format. If you need them in a different format such as JPG or PNG so that you could use it with your craft-cutting machine; we'll be happy to convert the files for you for an add-on fee of $2.50 (up to 4 bag designs), and $3.50 for over 4 bag designs. Please contact us for more details.

What if I need to cancel my Order?

  • Due to the nature of our products, Digital Download File purchases are NON-Refundable and are Final. But if you have any problems with your purchased file, please contact us we'll be glad to assist you.

Thank you for shopping with us!
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